Welcome to the website dedicated on 36th Street NE of Calgary. The corridor of 36 St. NE are composed of several communities and full of Entertainment, Food, Shops, and more! We will be the single destination that brings everything together! If you live or work within 10-ish minutes of 36th Street NE, this website will be very resourceful to you.

Shop, Eat, Play & More

Our goal is to build a strong connections to Calgarian who live or work near this area. There is no other community or area in Calgary that is as vibrant as the NE. The centralization of convenience is no comparison. We will help smaller shops to get more attentions. The number of small and independent shops, restaurants, and businesses are also what makes the area special.

Looking for a medical office? A pair of eyewear? A bowl of raw beef Pho? Soccer shop? Skate rink?

One of the goals in our phrase 1 is to build a map and directory for all businesses and public spaces. This gives easy access for everyone in the neighborhood. Although 36th Street NE are the busiest area, locations that are off 36th Street NE, and nearby communities will also be included. We are 1 big connected quarter after all.

What’s happening? Communities news, events and celebrations!

In future, we hope to provide news and events happening in the area. Stay connected and get in touch with people and things around you.